Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory - Almond CookieJay’s a sucker for babies and ice cream cake. So for his 31st birthday, our little pea made his debut three weeks early on December 18th, making the ice cream cake the easy part of that equation.

Since Jay basically ate most of Kenny’s birthday cake a few weeks ago, it was a pretty easy decision to head back to The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for a different trio of flavors.

Chinatown Ice Cream FactoryThey’re super easy to work with, requiring custom orders just 24 hours in advance, while offering some of the most unique flavors around. We tried black sesame, almond cookie and green tea — all flavors they consider “regular” while the chocolates and vanilla are considered “exotic” and require a deposit for custom orders.

But you come here for the Asian-inspired flavors anyway, and they take their craft seriously. Instead of being masked by sugary sweetness, the “regular” flavors are deep extractions of their food form. The black sesame as real sesame grinds peppered throughout. Their almond cookie ice cream has real chunks of almond cookie and tastes as nutty as a jar of almonds itself. The green tea has a refreshing hint of bitterness that comes with any cup of green tea you’d drink.

They’re cash only and a cake that serves 15-17 people prices at $45 a pop — reasonable especially considering the quality and singularity. There’s a reason they’ve been around for nearly three decades.


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