Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs

Total Bill: $67 for three

Tiny's and the Bar Upstairs - Eggs Benedict

I get excited thinking about how brunch will never be the same — at least when time comes that I’ll actually be able to go out for brunch again.

Tiny's and the Bar Upstairs - Yogurt and GranolaOur last brunch outing happened on Saturday, December 13, five days before pea decided to make his debut three weeks early. It was with my sister at Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs in TriBeCa. As kid-friendly as the district is, I already find myself searching for restaurants that’ll be fitting to take the pea when he’s a few months older.

The memory of that Saturday seven weeks ago remains pretty uninspired though. It was only 1 pm and they were already out of the burrata starter I was hoping to order, along with two other entrees. Kim wasn’t very impressed with the crumbly biscuits, and my eggs benedict was par for the course.

Tiny's and the Bar Upstairs - Pulled Pork SandwichJay’s pulled pork sandwich stuck out like a sore thumb on their menu, but turned out decent with a juicy granny apple slaw slathered on top.

The standout ended up being the simplest dish — their homemade granola with low-fat yogurt. The creamy Greek yogurt absorbed the light dusting of honey on the granola. It’s something I’d have every morning if I could find this grade of granola for sale somewhere.

But as cozy a setting as Tiny’s offers, it’s one of those one and done Manhattan joints, especially now that we have pea to think about.


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