Bouchon Bakery & Cafe | Revisited

Bouchon Bakery - Pear Burrata SaladSo I’m in the home stretch with our little peanut, which means those doctors visits are ramping up. Good thing there’s Columbus Circle near by for some food and shopping therapy, and shelter from this ridiculous winter weather.

It’s been years since I last visited Bouchon Bakery and Cafe, overlooking the lobby of the Time Warner Center on the third floor, but its penchant for clean, flavorful dishes hasn’t changed.

I stopped by for a quick midday snack, and its pear and burrata salad really did the trick. The pears were incredibly juicy — just sweet enough to make its presence known against the buttery burrata and just crunchy enough to complement the burrata’s creaminess, topped with a kick of balsamic drizzle.

It’s not the most wallet-friendly spot and it’s risks falling under the tourist-trap category by virtue of its location, but quality food is quality food if you can overlook the crowd.


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