362 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
Contact | 917.639.3940


December date night brought us to Ushiwakamaru–an impromptu call that highlights the quality I liked most about this sushi restaurant.

Despite its ranking among the city’s elite sushi bars–the likes of Nakazawa and Yasuda–there’s a very laid back atmosphere that anyone new to the sushi scene may appreciate. And that doesn’t mean it takes anything away from the seasoned eaters. Ushiwakamaru is serious about the quality of its fish and professionalism of its staff.

The first thing that struck me was the brightness of the dining room. There’s nothing secretive or uppity about this place. And on a busy Friday evening, we were allowed a last-minute shift to the bar to enjoy the omakase.

Together, our two omakases that include an assortment of sushi to start followed by a dozen individually served slices of nigiri, plus a bottle of sparkling sake and dessert, topped $300. That’s really not bad considering we walked out like we had a full-on feast.

You’ll get all your classic favorites, like lean and fatty tuna, and also lesser appreciated pieces, like a very memorable red snapper.

It’s very easy to make list of sushi restaurants in the city worthy of your time and money. And visiting these establishments can almost become like a quest in checking off boxes. But Ushiwakamaru combines quality and accessibility, to the point where it doesn’t have to be a place that you only reminisce about, but can revisit again and again whenever you’re in the mood for some straightforward, no-hassle sushi.


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