Momosan Ramen & Sake Bar

342 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Contact | 646.201.5529


Iron Chef Morimoto’s ramen restaurant entered a very crowded Manhattan noodle scene in the Murray Hill area. Momosan Ramen & Sake is a departure from what he is known for, but he has built a team that will likely make this a lasting shop for picky New Yorkers.

To be honest, the noodles aren’t the best you’ll have, but they’re putting up a fight in the upper echelon. Firm but chewy, they are engineered not to become soggy (they’re not the only ones who have worked with supplier Sun Noodle to do this).

What struck me here was the meats accompanying the noodles, which end up doing so much for the flavor of the broth. The special on the night we visited was a duck ramen. Such a simple tweak added another, deeper layer to the broth and unlike the rest. The meat was juicy and tender, and will make you wonder why duck isn’t more of a staple in noodle soups.

Momosan keeps the logistics simple, and luckily they’re not so hyped up that the wait is long. They don’t accept reservations. We were seated without a wait on a Friday evening after work.


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