136-49 Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY 11354
Contact | 347.722.4118


This is a summer nostalgia post.

I can still taste that icy sweetness after a scorching afternoon at the U.S. Open. On our way back to the city, we detoured to Ruimilk in the heart of downtown Flushing.

Cotton candy art is becoming a thing, which in what’s putting this quaint dessert shop on the map. It might not be a trend that lasts, but for anyone who appreciates the aesthetics of food as much as, if not more than, the flavor, this is a neat place to hit up.

The panda head seems to be its most popular offering, using discs of chocolate for its eyes and ears, though Ruimilk also serves up a variety of other uniquely colored and molded cotton candy formations. My sister got a grumpy storm cloud.

The way they serve most of these arts of fluff is on top of a cup of soft serve. Maybe it was the humidity that Saturday, but there’s something extra icy about this soft serve, though also a bit too sweet.

Buyers will most likely gawk at the cuteness first, then realize these things are difficult to eat. You’ll want to find a way to fold all the cotton candy into your mouth before the ice cream melts, but in the process, it’s hard for it not to become a sticky mess.

That’s not meant to keep you away. If you’re going to take in this kind of calories, it might as well be pretty.



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