Out of Town | Harold’s New York Deli in Edison, NJ

1171 King Georges Post Road
Edison, New Jersey 08837
Contact | 732.661.9100

harolds-new-york-deli-pastrami-sandwichFor a few more weeks, New Yorkers will have the Manhattan institution that is Carnegie Deli for their corned beef and pickle needs. But after it closes its doors on December 31, know that there is post-Carnegie life for old-school deli fans, though you’ll have to trek into Jersey to get it.

Enter Harold’s New York Deli in Edison, New Jersey, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the land of giants. Glass cases of 12-layer cakes and face-sized black and white cookies greet you right away. The menu and every item on it is large. In fact, the sandwiches only come in two sizes: large that feeds one to three, and extra-large that feeds four to seven.

Jay and I couldn’t finish the large hot pastrami sandwich together, but it made for great day-after breakfast. The slices of pastrami were just as juicy as they were the night before, and with the extra pumpernickel bread and deli mustard available at the pickle bar, it’s as if you ordered a brand new sandwich.

harolds-new-york-deli-pickle-barSpeaking of the pickle bar, they claim to have the largest one in the world. There’s a chance the claim is true given the crazy selection of pickles — whole or sliced –available at the bar. There are also sliced loaves of rye, white, whole wheat, italian and pumpernickel bread (though any extra you take home will be charged), along with a health salad, cole slaw, sauerkraut and pickled tomatoes and peppers.

Harold’s has already made its mark in the Jersey food scene with a packed house when we arrived randomly at 4 pm on a Saturday. There were tourists coming in on mega buses and locals celebrating birthdays. It may not rise to the legacy Carnegie built for itself over the decades, but Harold’s in a very inspired version of it that’s well worth the trip.



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