Toro | Revisited

85 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Contact | 212.691.2360


Toro is getting better with age. This meatpacking tapas joint was never timid to begin with, but somehow it has managed to remain bold through its refinements.

Anything from a cocktail to an appetizer here will still cost you a pretty penny, but the superb quality makes up for the lack of quantity.

The Erizos Con Caviar, for example, will set you back $19 for a singular bite, literally. Served on a spoon, caviar, sea urchin and a raw quail egg are huddled together under a sprinkling of bacon. Lovers of any one of those four ingredients will want to have this cake and eat it too. After consuming its visual delectability, you’ll have to eat it the only way this can be eaten–in one gulp.


The luxuriousness of a single spoonful of delicacies extrapolates to its larger dishes as well. The txipirones epitomizes this, with baby squid cooked so tenderly they retain their smooth, raw-like crunch, while booming with flavor.


The paellas are must orders. Jay, Parker and I wouldn’t finish a “half” order of the Valenciana paella, crammed with mussels, clams, shrimp, chicken, and best of all, chorizo. Parker, who at nearly two is starting to develop a preference for flavors, loved this dish.

If you’re going for the paella, make sure to place the order as soon as you sit. It takes a little more than half an hour for them to prepare, so ordering it with the rest of your meal will mean a gap between your main course and appetizers.

toro-hamachi-crudoSpeaking of appetizers, there’s nothing wrong in ordering as you see fit. We were feeling something lighter after the squid, and the hamachi crudo was just that. Downside is you’re served an odd three pieces of yellowtail, but upside is this is something far more than a raw sushi dish. The white soy and koshu seasoning is seeped in deep, to the point where I’d probably even prefer it without the pickled peppers on top.

There aren’t many restaurants worth revisiting in this city, especially ones with notably lofty prices. But Toro is one happy exception, where extravagant food is handled with finesse.


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