345 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10010
Contact | 212.686.1006


The Times’ Pete Wells has been recommending Upland since early 2015, and it’s taken a handful of unsuccessful reservation attempts to finally make it through their doors this past Tuesday while Tina was in town.

upland-beef-tartareDinner I’m sure will warrant a whole separate post, but their lunch was a divine combination of casual quality. It’s the kind of place your mind scrambles for when someone asks for a restaurant recommendation. You won’t be leading anyone astray by sending them to Upland, with its friendly staff, glowing decor and a crowd-pleasing menu.

Start with the crispy duck wings. They’re no ordinary drumsticks, and when they say crispy, they mean a fresh, thinly fried layer of skin over juicy meat oozing with lemon and yuzu flavors. There’s absolutely no trace of gaminess, so it’s almost more like a really flavorful piece of chicken.

upland-roasted-porchetta-and-egg-sandwichFor a lighter textual complement, the beef tartare was one of my favorite selections of the afternoon. It’s served minced in a tower mixed with black trumpet mushroom and anchovy, topped with puffed farro, with a side of raw egg yolk to blend at your discretion. The flavor is powerful, but just enough so that you can enjoy the natural nuttiness of quality, uncooked steak.

upland-pappardelleFor the sandwich-lover, the roasted porchetta and egg sandwich was very impressive. Served with chilies and arugula, it’s your quintessential rustic farm-to-table type of sandwich.

There’s also a beautiful variety of lunchtime pasta options. Ranging from $18 to $24, the plates are portioned just right for early afternoon carb intake. If you’re looking for a little kick, the pappardelle is the way to go with its spicy sausage ragù and parmigiano.

The broad ribbons of noodles are cooked evenly from end to end, perfectly al dente and coated in bits of sausage and kale.

The familiarity of Upland’s menu is as comforting as its actual dishes are inspiring. It manages to present an everyday list of entrees that brings its patrons home, but then serve them with the best of ingredients and at the utmost quality that you’ll feel like you’re trying something you’ve never had before.



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