Emmy Squared

364 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Contact | 718.360.4535


The last time I felt this strongly about pizza was the first time I ever had pizza. We take it for granted, but it’s this mystical combination of your most basic ingredients that somehow tastes good hot, cold, thick, thin, with meat or without, freshly out of the oven or the morning after.

But perhaps because it’s so versatile, we’ve forgotten what really good pizza can taste like. The folks at Emmy Squared can help remind you.

Just take the classic margarita pizza. The basil tastes as if it were just plucked off the stem, the sauce is so fresh there’s still a buoyancy to it, and the burrata so pristine it’s like a beautifully soft-poached egg you’re afraid to break into. All of that rests on top of this simultaneously fluffy and crunchy crust that seems to be laced with a tinge of cheese for the perfect degree of smokey sharpness.


The rectangle pie is cut into six squares, and we saw plenty of tables of two ordering double.

We couldn’t resist the namesake pie, The Emmy, and added an extra topping of sausage just for some meat. It’s uniqueness was a perfect complement to the classic margarita. Ranch is drizzled across a bed of onions, banana peppers and mozzarella cheese–all again uplifted by that amazing crust.

There are many pizza joints in New York, let alone in Brooklyn, that vie for our attention. And yes the classics like Grimaldi’s, Juliana’s, Paulie Gee’s hold their place in the pizza history books, but it’s Emmy’s that’s writing the next chapter.


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