Momofuku Nishi

232 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Contact | 646.518.1919

Momofuku Nishi - Soft Tofu

If there were any qualms about David Chang taking on too many new projects in the past year, his latest Chelsea restaurant should quell those fears. Momofuku Nishi seems almost like a cooking laboratory of sorts, having already seen its menu evolve since its January debut. Service is smooth and dishes meticulous.

Best of all, the flavors are delightfully experimental, all while maintaining that base of Asian flair that is Chang’s hallmark.

You’ll want to try the soft tofu. It’s one of the most colorful tofu dishes I’ve seen and tasted, as only Chang could do. Diced melon and sandita halves are piled on top of tofu so silky it’s almost like sipping down soup.

Momofuku Nishi - Scallops

The baby scallops were also perfect for the summer, splashed in subtle oils and sauces with raw, earthy sliced cucumbers.

Another recommendation for summer is the chilled Shanghai noodles. It’s by no means one of Momofuku’s top noodle dishes when it comes to the noodles itself. But as a whole, this entree captures the beauty of what a simple, straightforward dish can be. The noodles are in a shallow pool of chilled broth and mixed in with a variety of barely seasoned vegetables. The broth alone carried the flavor, and the rest was simply refreshing.

Desserts are limited, but they recommend the pistachio bundt cake, which was a recipe of the executive chef’s mom. It’s no ordinary bundt cake, simultaneously airy in texture but packed with nuttiness.

There was no wait for two early evening on a Friday. So while the initial craze over this opening has subsided, the menu and its offerings are just as new, if not better.


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