Lexylicious in Hoboken, NJ

Fruity Pepple Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches are never not good. Even the stalest of cookies and blandest of ice creams can somehow come together to right their wrongs. But an ice cream sandwich can also be so much more than just good — it can be fresh, creative, lovely to look at, and perhaps most alluring, easy to eat.

That’s the secret sauce at Lexylicious Ice Cream Sandwich Truck. Their concept of offering permutations of colorful cookies and ice cream flavors isn’t pioneering. It’s how they make what they call their “outsides” — the discs that sandwich the ice cream.

These discs range from traditional cookie mix, like chocolate chip or Reese’s peanut butter, to cereal crispy treats, with either fruity pebbles or cinnamon toast crunch. Either way, they bake these “outsides” with just the right degree of firmness for us to hold the sandwich and just enough chew to bite through it without ice cream spillover. Decades of ice cream sandwiches have proven this is difficult to master.

Track their truck here.


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