Tilda All Day

930 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Contact | 718.622.4300

Tilda All Day - Lardo and Fruit

Tilda All Day isn’t for everyone. But if you have an appreciation for smart, bold flavors that stretches beyond the typical brunch comfort zone, then you’re in for a treat at this cozy Brooklyn joint.

After a run in Prospect Park, there was no excuse not to take advantage of the buzzy brunch neighborhood of Clinton Hills. Tilda has been playing its part in that buzz since late 2015, with its mouthwatering baked goods and hold-nothing-back menu.

Tilda All Day - Egg SandwichThis was one of those rare instances where the menu, I felt, undersold the food they had to offer.

The fruit and lardo toast is described simply as such. But you’ll get so many more twists and turns in brazen flavor-packed components. The tangy macerated fruit. The bacon fat oozing with aromatic oils. The char of that lardo’s slighlty overcooked edges. The earthiness of fresh thyme and crisp bread. They all come together to form a deep, unexpected combination.

Tilda All Day - Bologna with Pickles and MustardYou’ll have your more-subtle options too though, as we found in Jay’s egg sandwich, with its poppy seed buns overflowing with soft-scrambled eggs and avocado.

But that’d be playing it safe in a place where so much creativity is being offered. That’s how I found myself ordering the last thing I probably would have picked at any other restaurant: the bologna sandwich.

I was skeptical about the decision right up until the plate was served. The fragrance of spicy mustard seeds, oven-baked bread and tangy pickles are so emblematic of what a Brooklyn brunch is — taking the familiar and jolting it with the freshness of quality ingredients and offbeat modifications.

The wait that late Saturday morning was only a few minutes long for Jay and I, plus Parker. Its whitewash facade is distinct in a neighborhood that’s somewhat still in an awkward stage of gentrification. But you’ll be swept away inside with its cute rustic setting and the aroma of baked goods.



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