Out of Town | Cheese & Crack in Portland, OR

22 SE 28th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202
Contact | 503.206.7315
Cheese and Crack Board

Marijuana on the streets. Crack on silver platters. That pretty much sums up our scrumptious long weekend in Portland, Oregon with our most obliging hosts Paige and Derrick. In fact, the latter is how we kicked off the trip soon after deboarding the plane.

Bacon PateThe Cheese & Crack Snack Shop in southeast Portland serves up minimalist smorgasbords of cheese and crackers, littered with measuring-spoons full of condiments like honey, mustard and homemade chocolate ganache — who knew cheeses could go so well with rich cocoa.

Depending on the type of tray you get — I highly recommend the bacon paté or sardine paté — tablespoons full of cream cheese or pickled shallots or poached fruit may be in order as well.This is the exact type of happy hour snack New Yorkers could use a little of to kick back. And indeed they do have a happy hour menu that’s very easy on the wallet.

That means room for dessert. For first-timers, it’ll be tough to avoid the namesake sundae — a luscious classic vanilla sundae that cracks up the decadence with chocolate ganache, cinnamon butter cracker crumble and a giant torched homemade marshmallow floating on top.

You’ll never see or serve your own cheese and cracker plates the same way again.

Cheese and Crack Sundae


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