High Street on Hudson

637 Hudson Street
New York, New York 10014
Contact | 917.388.3944

High Street on Hudson - The Bodega Sandwich

The breakfast sandwich takes on an elevated art form at The High Street on Hudson, where bread-baking serves as the groundwork to their dishes’ explosive flavors.

In a nod to the traditional deli breakfast sandwich, this Philly offshoot has brought us The Bodega — a beautifully made sage-black pepper biscuit book-ending a juicy malted breakfast sausage, soft slice of egg and sharp aged cheddar. It’s gratuitous. Who needs such an intensified breakfast sandwich for $13? But you’ll thank them for it.

The mundane granola also gets dialed up a notch, with its malted grains, hazelnuts and dried cherries. The accompanying milk comes from Sullivan Co. Farm. But this is good more as a shared dish because you really want to go there for the sandwiches.

High Street on Hudson - Granola

High Street is the sort of place you wish you had down the block from you, not that the good old deli sausage egg and cheese won’t do the trick when needed. But for the generation of New Yorkers who are, like me, growing ever wary of getting the most bang out of each caloric buck taken in, this is one place where the grease won’t come with much mid-morning regret.


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