1414 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10019
Contact | 212.703.2007

Jams - Breakfast Red Pepper Pancakes

Outside of chowing down on a hot dog at a ballpark, there are few things more American than a California nouvelle brunch. That’s the spirit of Jams, the revived restaurant on the ground floor of 1 Hotel Central Park.

What California cuisine is exactly is hard to pin down, but there’s something very laid back and chill about Jams, and for a moment, amid the chummy service and sun-drench dining room, you might even think you’ve somehow strolled into the west coast for brunch.

That’s until you see its very New York City prices.

The creativity of their brunch entrees is actually quite commendable. Brunch-goers want to see the familiar — eggs, prepared several different ways, french toast, pancakes. Jams has all this and more, and each with a very fresh twist in a nod to local ingredients.

My Jams Breakfast, for instance, tossed on some caviar and creme fraiche to the traditional smoked salmon and eggs, all on top of two red pepper pancakes. Neat packaging, skillfully prepared, but at $23, the price tag just felt high for the frustratingly small portion.

But such is life for a Manhattan bruncher, and this won’t necessarily deter us from checking out their dinner menu, which seems equally as creative without a bump up in cost.


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