Jun-Men Ramen

249 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
Contact | 646.852.6787

Jun-Men Ramen - Dry ramen with uni

Just when you think ramen can’t get any bolder than the wild variations found in New York City, up pops Jun-Men Ramen — a noodle bar that mashes the artfulness of this Japanese staple with the intensity of Korean cuisine, and even a hint of that richness found in Italian food.

Its 9th Avenue resting spot is a little unfortunate, surrounded mostly by residential buildings. But if that means shorter lines, I’ll take walking a few extra blocks.

The menu is sweet and simple, but you can’t go without ordering the dry ramen here.  It’s called the uni mushroom, and anyone who appreciates the fine earthy flavors of those two lovely ingredients will have no problem taking down the entire bowl.

It has almost an air if fettuccine to it, with the noodles firm, but also drenched a truffle-infused sauce. The parmesan cheese grated on top added to the Italian flair, and who ever thought uni and cheese could blend so nicely.

That uni easily steals the show, but really the winningest aspect of the dish were the undertones brought out by the fried shallots, roasted pancetta and that porcini butter — and that’s what I mean when I say bold.

Sticking with the mushroom theme, the other surprise dish of the afternoon was their fried mushroom bun. Their pork belly buns don’t stand a chance against those at Momofuku, but the crispy slab of tenderized mushroom was so finely done my mom thought it was battered chicken.

For the other ramen options, you have the traditional pork bone or spicy pork bone ramen, a spicy miso ramen and the kimchi ramen. The broths are pretty solid, and the quality of the noodles even more so. But above all this is a noteworthy mention of very fine service. Their staff let us in 10 minutes before opening while they prepped on a very cold Saturday, with a very rambunctious baby.


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