Out of Town | House Kibako in Nara, Japan

Okay, here’s a #tbt insomniac’s post. It’s 5 am and I’m cleaning out my files, but couldn’t get myself to remove these delicious images of our shaved ice in Nara from our trip back in October.

I featured the green tea shaved ice in an earlier matcha-dedicated post, but it’d be a disservice to the hard working group of ladies of House Kibako if I didn’t mention the yogurt persimmon shaved ice that my parents ordered. Persimmons were in season, draping beautifully off the trees that lined so many paths around town. It was light, airy and refreshing, and one of their staples.

But I still have to vouch for my matcha. Their syrup mixture was deeply earthy from the matcha’s powdery origin, and just subtly sweet, just because it’s dessert after all. Here’s the play by play.


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