Black Seed Bagels

Black Seed BagelThere are few things in life as underappreciated as a well-constructed sandwich. The appropriate protein-to-carb ratio, complemented with an even layer of your favorite condiment and fresh vegetables, packed so that the core stacks up a bit taller than around the rim so nothing escapes upon bite.

It’s a rare find, but if found, deserves a moment of appreciation in a world filled with slapshod meats-between-breads.

One example is the beet-cured lox sandwich at Black Seed Bagels. The $12 masterpiece doesn’t try to win you over with size, but rather substance. Coming in just larger than your palm, it can be enjoyed as much on the go as while seated with a cup of coffee. 

The lox isn’t stringy. It’s silky so that there’s no struggle for a clean break with every bite. The cream cheese is light, barely noticeable, which is the way cream cheese should always be applied. That lets the horseradish stand out, which, if you’re a horseradish fan like me, will be an instant draw in ordering this sandwich in the first place . 

Kicking that evenly spread horseradish up a notch are the paper thin radishes. The shaved slices ignite the sandwich with jolts of spiciness and give a crunch with every layer as you sink your teeth past the bagel, which itself is just crusty enough on the outer shell of a taste of something solid but enough to scrape up your gums.

Last, there’s the dill — not some proxy dill cream cheese, but the real herb itself — very much present and flourishing with every bite. It goes to show how a relatively dainty creation like this can pack more than enough punch to stand out in a land of greasy bacon-egg-and-cheeses and monsterous deli sandwiches. 


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