463 W Broadway
New York, NY 10012
Contact | 212.776.4926

Sadelle's Endlss Bagels

Allison was back in town from Australia, and to get in some classic New York City food, we headed to Sadelle’s in Soho after getting my butt kicked at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Most reviews of this new Jewish-style “deli” talk of its bagels. So we were (pleasantly) surprised to walk into a glistening restaurant that Friday morning that’s anything but deli-like, with a menu that circles around its expertise in fish — house salmon, smoke salmon, sturgeon, sable, whitefish salad and salmon salad. Any mix of the six, or a tower that gives you a sample of them all — comes with an endless supply of bagels.

Sadelle's FishThe lox is a must. The paper-thin slices of Sadelle’s smoked fish is as luscious as it gets in this city that houses some of the best Jewish restaurants like Katz’s and Russ & Daughters. Think of Sadelle’s as a new-school version of those classic delicatessens.

And my advice is to wait for the warm bagels. A man in a bow tie will emerge from the kitchen every 10 minutes or so shouting “warm bagels.” Any table with fish towers are eligible, and any uneaten can be brought home.

But be careful not to load up too early. I’d recommend sharing one bagel between you and a friend so you can try as many different types of fresh bagels as they come available. Generally speaking, Sadelle’s bagels are seriously seasoned with heavy herbal flavors. The salt and pepper bagel was my personal favorite.

Sadelle's LoxWith all of that, we dented about one-sixth of its brunch and lunch menu. There’s a whole other world of breakfast specialties, egg dishes, soups and sandwiches I didn’t even consider that day. Then, there’s Sadelle’s bakery, offering babkas, cakes and cookies, that has been getting rave reviews.

Sadelle’s very bistro-like vibe makes it a place you’d want to bring your whole family to. Its vibrant and spacious setting (and the fact that it actually takes reservations) allows patrons to avoid hour-long waits as is typical of so many hyped-up Manhattan brunch spots.







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