Mu Ramen

1209 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, New York 11101
Contact | 917.868.8903

Mu Ramen - Spicy Ramen

It took six miles, two tunnels, one failed attempt and one vacation day to get to Mu Ramen in Long Island City.

Mom was back in town and it was her birthday, so we figured it was the perfect time to give it another go after showing up one weekend for lunch only to find that Sundays are limited to dinner. Wanting to avoid a line, we headed to Long Island City on a Thursday for lunch and were the first ones there when they opened their doors at noon. The first-arrival advantage gave us enough room for Pea before the small space for 20-some odd patrons filled up not an hour later — mind you this for lunch on a weekday.

Mu Ramen - TonkotsuWas it worth it? Yes and no. It’s ramen after all, so the question really is are you willing to go out of your way for really good ramen. And if you are, then Mu needs to be on your list.

The ingredients were of the utmost quality, which naturally produces some great tasting food. Their portions are reasonable, so don’t expect the kitchen sink for a few bucks that you scarf down like the ramen that defined college.

Mu Ramen - ScallopsInstead, the Smookler team at Mu makes ramen that’s meant to be enjoyed. That means you order, you take your time in appreciating the firm noodles, fresh vegetables, deeply flavored broth. My spicy ramen could have been a little spicier but had the best vegetables I’ve ever had in a ramen. Noodles were of the thicker sort, which is the main reason I walked away preferring mom’s tonkotsu, which was the best traditional port-based ramen I’ve had in a long time. No take out or doggie bags allowed.

The smaller portions and superb ingredients also mean they offer dishes beyond ramen. For lunch that Saturday, they had a seared scallop with some of the sweetest seasonal corn I can ever remember having.

You’ll come here for the ramen, of course, but this place is suitable for anyone who appreciates quality food — and that includes a thoughtful, refined noodle soup.


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