Sullivan Street Bakery

Bomboloni: $3.50 each

Sullivan Street Bakery - Bombolonis

Sullivan Street Bakery is not on Sullivan Street, and it’s anything but an ordinary bakery.

Their breads and pastries grace a lot of shops around the city, but if you happen to find yourself far west on the island one day, do yourself a favor and go to their standalone shop on 47th street.

What struck me first as I detoured there one late-afternoon after work was that they were still churning out the goods as I was walking in. I went specifically for its bomboloni, and it just so happened the gentleman behind the counter was tonging another batch from the tray to behind the glass display.

I asked for his favorite flavor, which was raspberry, but the very nice man threw in their peach special on the house.

I’m so glad he did because that bomboloni housed the most luscious peach concoction I’ve ever had as an adult. It instantly jogged very nascent memories of — and hear me out on this — jarred peach baby food that for some reason I remember loving. Comparing that peach flavor to baby food isn’t the most ringing endorsement, but it wasn’t that it tasted like baby food, but that the tarty sweetness and texture were so vivid it was almost like tasting something for the first time.

The raspberry held its ground, too. And both come against a backdrop of very fresh, fluffy bomboloni donuts with a touch of powdered sugar. Even the size was spot on: one sits perfectly within the palm of your hand and perfectly within any eater’s conscience.


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