Doughnut Plant

There’s this really thoughtful line in a classic romatic comedy about Starbucks and people’s decision-making abilities. I’ll let you look it up, but that same logic can be applied to doughnuts at the Doughnut Plant.

Yeast, cake. Small, large. Circle, square. Filled, not filled.

The variations create a smorgasbord of donuts unlike any other in the city. A few stand out though.

Their cake doughnuts are super dense but moist, and I was a fan of both the oatmeal and blackout. The former is like being able to pick up a bowl of warm oatmeal between your fingers with an added grizzle of icing. The latter, somehow, manages keep the sweetness in check despite how rich it looks — has to be one of my favorite chocolate donuts around.

The creme brûlée doughseed is a must-try. They claim to be its originator. It’s one of those inventions that supersedes what inspired it in the first place. Creme brûlée should always come in donut form if it tastes like this. The crisp sugary layer on top is burnt just enough for a hint of that charcoaly flavor to match that spurt of creme in the middle.

The downside to offering so much variety is that certain aspects of donut-making may fall to the wayside. The yeast donuts are good, but not really comparable to how fluffy Dough makes theirs. DP’s peach glaze and peanut butter square yeast donuts were a little gratuitous, and the dough inside just wasn’t as airy as the ones we’ve had from Dough.


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