The Dutch

The Dutch - Poached Eggs Cheddar BiscuitThe Dutch is the quintessential New York City brunch spot. With owners as experienced and the team behind this Soho joint, the atmosphere, the decor, the setup, the menu is as classic as it gets when it come to city eating.

But what patrons in this island of hundreds of thousands of eating choices are paying for is really the service. Unless the food is notable atrocious, having a solid menu and dishes that taste good are pretty standard — and that makes service the factor that can make an impression.

Maybe it was just that Sunday, but it was disappointing to see how nonchalant the Dutch staff was. I had had a decent impression of the place after hosting Jay’s birthday at its private room downstairs a few years ago. But brunch service was slow and choppy.

Our party of four, plus baby Pea, was seated a good half an hour past our reservation time even though the table I knew was meant for us sat empty for some time. I didn’t go back to ask the hostess until we realized how late it was getting, and the reaction was non-apologetic. And once seated, the waiter took his time before taking our orders.

The Dutch - Butter BiscuitThat left a bad taste in my mouth. So perhaps there is absolutely nothing wrong with their food, but I know it wasn’t good enough to win back my vote.

My poached eggs, cheddar biscuits, ham and tomato has all the individual components for a classic brunch dish. But it there wasn’t really anything to tie it together, so if feels like you’re paying $19 for something you can easily assemble at home.

My sister’s butter biscuit is admittedly more unique and well-presented. It’s pretty decadent. Each order comes with two, so be sure to share.

It bums me out to have to focus more on the bad than the good here, but brunch just doesn’t taste as good when the human interaction isn’t pleasant.



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