Out of Town | True Food Kitchen in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona is surprisingly fertile ground for growing fruits and vegetables, so there’s a decent variety of dining options outside the southwestern or texmex cuisine so often associated with the state.

True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale is a nice example of that bounty, perhaps best displayed through its simplest item: vegetable crudite. A beautiful spectrum of colors from carrots and radishes, to lettuce leaves and okra in their purest form, all stuffed atop a bowl of crushed ice.  With or without the dressing dip, these veggies can win over even the most salad-averse of eaters.

Meat-lovers have plenty to enjoy too. I added grilled chicken to my spaghetti squash casserole, which will make you wonder why you ever need actual carbs if squash can come so close in texture and taste even better.

Jay’s tacos were similarly hearty and just as fresh, especially the bowl of baked beans that offers a distinct kick.

Dad got the TLT, temph lettuce and tomato, with avocado and whole grain bread. Mom got a pizza and the black peach sparkling tea.

These aren’t typically light fare, but they make it that way here by using clean, fresh ingredients.

That can sound trite at this point given the trend of farm-to-table dining we’re seeing across the major metropolises, but it’s really nice to see something so honest in Phoenix — nothing short of an oasis in the desert knowing it’s not there because of some trendy gimmick but because it wants to serve good food.

Almost everything item on their menu is either vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. And don’t worry, they have an expansive list of organic and gluten free cocktails too.


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