Out of Town | Mocha Hut in Palisades, NJ

125 Broad Avenue
Palisades Park, New Jersey 07650
Contact | 201.947.8992

Mocha Hut - Black Sesame Shaved Ice

Summer is here. Heavy foods sound unappetizing, so what’s a dessert lover to do.

Mocha Hut - Green Tea Shaved IceWell there’s this thing called shaved ice, an Asian creation which by now has carved out quite the audience in the tri-state area. It’s ice, shaved into a mound of fluff, usually topped with fruits, and now often Westernized with syrups and sweet cereals.

But to keep things simple, head to Mocha Hut on Broad Avenue in Palisades, NJ. Here, they pile on the snow-like ice as far up as it can possibly go, then blanket the ice with the one flavor you choose.

The green tea is refreshing, but requires a bit of mixing unless you’re okay with munching on straight up unflavored ice by the time you dig your way into the middle.

But that black sesame! It’s unlike any other shaved ice I’ve ever seen. The black sesame is rich, not in a sweet sense, but rather that deep nutty aromatic flavor. It seeps into the ice and makes it almost velvety like ice cream, expect without any of the fat or calories. And should I mention double the size for half the cost of the Wooly’s and Snowdays in the city.


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