Besfren DessertsKorea town just got a little sweeter with the opening of Besfren, a dessert spot that shares its space with a ginseng shop.

You get all the Asian cuteness, literally wrapped up in pretty little boxes, but you also get some of the excessive sugariness that’s more typical of Western sweets.

Their display box is pretty luminous and the colors will steer your eyes toward the bright macarons and tiled rice cakes, but really their best work shines in the less-showy offerings, like the green tea roll and earl grey cake.

Besfren - Earl Grey Tea CakeBoth are brimming with earthy tea flavors. The cream in the green tea roll is light to the point of airy. The earl grey cake is layered in a slightly heavier but more savory cream cheese frosting.

Their coffees are special too. Mom’s lemon ginger and my ginseng iced latte were intense, but not to the point of medicinal that herbal drinks can sometimes turn into.

They’re new, so there are still some kinks to be worked out with there OM, but the staff is so friendly and visually, the shop is basically too irresistible to avoid.




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