Mokbar - Korean Japanese RamenAs commoditized as ramen has become, especially across New York City, it remains a dish with seemingly basic elements that can actually easily steer things off course. The noodles should be buoyant, but not al dente. The broth should be flavorful, but not salty. If an egg is present, it should be translucent, but not runny.

That’s why I was skeptical with Mokbar and its Korean spin on ramen. But, buried in the crowded of shops of Chelsea Market, it’s now probably one of the only reasons I’d subject myself to sadly what’s becoming a tourist trap of a marketplace.

Mokbar - Bulgogi RamenMokbar differentiates itself from the slew of other ramen joints in the city with its classic Korean inputs and obviously Korean-inspired menu. But it stays focused on making fresh good-old-fashioned noodles.

There’s a lot more going on in a bowl of Mokbar ramen, but that risk pays off, especially with its classic ramen item and bulgogi ramen, which is really more saucy than soup.

For someone who doesn’t have a particular affinity for kimchi and rice, Mokbar’s kimchi and noodles somehow strike the right chords. Really well-marinated bulgogi and fresh scallions don’t hurt either.

There are limited bar stools to “dine-in” and a wait on a Wednesday after work was nearing an hour, but do your taste buds a favor and pick a day you’re in the mood to elbow through a crowd for your food.



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