Ample Hills Creamery

There’s no such thing as too much ice cream. But Ample Hills comes scarily close.

Don’t get me wrong. Their flavors are delicious, but it’s instantly filling like that diet pill that’s supposed to quell your appetite, giving you that sensation of a full stomach. Except it’s by no means light on calories and it’s nearly impossible to stop eating.

Their pop up stand in the Gotham West Market makes it dangerously convenient for any ice cream lover.

 The staff is sweet, urging you to try before you buy. And honestly, one or two little spoons of any flavor will fill you up. Except then you’ll feel bad for not getting anything.

So you get something. A small comes with two velvety scoops, and why not get the cookie cone since you’re diving in head first anyway.

The peppermint is beyond any mintiness you’ll find in any tub of mint chocolate chip. There are actual peppermint paddies in there.

But if you want to get what Ample is known for, you’ll be pointed toward the Munchies (the top scoop in the photo above). The Munchie is to Ample as what the kitchen sink cookie is to Momofuku, packed with clusters of Ritz crackers, potato chips, pretzels and mini M&Ms. It’s intensely sweet with bits of salty carbs swirled within that make you forgot about the sugariness just long enough so that you take another bite. And the vicious cycle goes on.

Same goes for the salted crack caramel (bottom scoop), which is made into this beautiful auburn hue. They’ll warn you to try it first because it ends up tasting like you’re swirling a gulp of iced triple shot espresso in your mouth. It’s bitter and sweet all at the same time.


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