RiverMarket Bar & Kitchen

RiverMarket - Pork Eggs BenedictThe Hudson Valley offered us welcome reprieve this past winter as we waited impatiently for spring to arrive to show pea the world. That’s why we felt it was only appropriate to trek to the kid-friendly upstate food scene for the little one’s 100th day of life.

RiverMarket Bar and Kitchen in Tarrytown is as its name suggests. A bar and kitchen with a small grocery market at the front of the restaurant, which rests on the edge of the Hudson River.

We drove north on a snowy Saturday to arrive at its very spacious setting. But while the views were nice, the atmosphere was a bit stiff — perhaps it was the lack of patrons. And while the staff was more than accommodating, the menu was less than inspiring.

RiverMarket BurgerJay and I ordered our go-to midday entrees: Me with my eggs benedict and he a burger. RiverMarket’s versions offered slight twists, in what comes off as an obvious attempt to do something different.

My benedict could go down the route of braised pork or trout. I chose pork, which is a nice alternative to the lox you usually get under the poached eggs, but nothing to write home about in terms of flavor. The only real factor I take issue with is an overly sour hollandaise sauce.

Jay liked his burger, which for him is saying a lot. But really any dish that adds bacon on top of beef slathered in cheese should be very difficult to mess up.

For pea’s 100, we got him (us) a sundae, which turned out to be more of a layered milkshake. Not bad, but again, uninspired. RIverMarket could be good for group outings or dining with a scene, but with so many fresh options in the Hudson Valley, our future visits will be left for the Inn at Pound Ridge or exploring new places.


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