Anella - Egg BiscuitSnow on the ground doesn’t change the fact that it’s officially spring. And that means weekend brunches.

We came out of hibernation and headed to Brooklyn with Pea for his first taste of urban brunching at Anella. We met Uncle Jeb there and were lucky enough to be seated at a corner booth despite the snug setting and happened to sit next to a couple with their own newborn baby. That’s Greenpoint for you.

Its atmosphere, alongside its clientele,  was quintessential Brooklyn — a kind of hip nonchalance that pervaded everything from the way its host was dressed to the shallow-brimmed glasses used for its elderflower cocktails.

Anella is known for their biscuits. It could have been the mere fact that we were out for brunch putting me in a good mood, but those biscuits have to be some of the best biscuits in the tristate area. They moist, buttery, but with a slightly hardened outer shell. The eggs were just as fluffy, almost melting into the airy biscuit.

I was so enthralled in my order that I didn’t think to steal a bite of Jay’s fried chicken biscuit with jalapeno honey butter and white gravy. I’ll have it all to myself next time.


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