Two Hands

Total Bill: $10

Two Hands - Avo ToastNestled between dusty awnings for Chinese hair salons and massage parlors, you can find a delightful bit of Australian fare just north of Canal. In the middle of Mott Street between Broome and Grand, Two Hands was bustling on this otherwise quiet block that Wednesday afternoon.

Many patrons were there lounging around with a cup of their Australian coffee and a laptop. Since I’m not allowing myself back on caffeine yet, I opted for their much-talked-about avo toast.

A velvety heap of fresh avocado is spread evenly across a thick piece of slightly charred toast. Between those two, it’s basically unadulterated avocado flavor, which makes the dash of salt, black pepper, chili flakes, olive oil and squeeze of lemon so crucial in adding a little kick to each bite. For an extra $3 (yes, a bit much), you can throw an egg on top to make it a meal.

Its location is a bit curious, making Two Hands an unusual detour for people in that area who are most likely headed for Chinatown or Little Italy. Its lofty price points also separate it from a district where you can spend $10 and buy a family-sized plate of stir fry. But based on the way business looked that Wednesday, this little cafe’s focus on freshness and good service isn’t not having any trouble drawing a loyal crowd.


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