Gansevoort Market

IMG_0591I love marketplaces in the city for the indecisive eater in me. Good thing our options just got a little more colorful with the addition of Gansevoort Market in the Meatpacking District.

It’s a nice escape from the crowded Chelsea Market and fancier Todd English Food Hall. For some reason Gansevoort hasn’t received much publicity yet, and a Saturday morning stroll through the venue left us with the vendors, still slowly setting up shop, almost all to ourselves.

Gansevoort Market - BruffinYiaourti was our first stop. Their Greek yogurt is dense and creamy, offered with honey, jams and a variety of fruits and nuts. We had ours with raspberries, flax seed, pistachios and granola. The yogurt itself is the specialty here — a rich, unadulterated cream that barely has any hint of that sourness you find in most Greek yogurts.

Gansevoort Market - Swedish BruffinNext, we tried the Bruffin. Riding the wave of the two-foods-in-one trend, the bread and muffin mix was really more like a thick, clunky croissant with flavored stuffing. Fillings ranged from salmon and herbed goat cheese (the Swedish) to chocolate-covered bacon with salted caramel (the Rainbow).

But Bruffins are not the best things at the Bruffin. The Costanza is.

Gansevoort Market - Bruffin - The CostanzaThe Costanza is a deliciously gratuitous creme sandwich, made up of two flaky circular palmiers nearly the size of my hand bookending a heap of fluffy frosting coated with almonds. It’d be wrong to take down one of these all by yourself. Kim and I could barely dent half of it together. It’s intensely sweet, but in such a luxurious way that it’ll be hard to stop taking bite after bite.

Gansevoort Market - CrepeAfter the Costanza, you’ll probably what something savory. That’s where things fell short for us. Crepe Sucre’s mushroom truffle crepe was one-dimensional, and very flat one dimension. It didn’t taste nearly as good as it smelled, to the point where we assumed the chef simply forgot some ingredients.

It might be a better bet sticking to Luke’s Lobster, the taco truck or Colombian stand.

Gansevoort Market - Brooklyn Soda WorksMy favorite find ended up being the apple ginger soda at Brooklyn Soda Works. Zero sugar added, relying solely on the aromatic apple, accompanied by a sharp, refreshing ginger punch.

Like most of what you’ll find here, the soda at $4.50 a pop isn’t what you’d call affordable. But it’s the price you pay for the trendiest city marketplace yet.


One thought on “Gansevoort Market

  1. Oh wow! I’m surprised I haven’t heard about this market yet. I work right across the street from the Chelsea Market and visit quite often. The picture of the costanza looks so delicious..Now I gotta find time after work or on the weekends to make a trip to this market. Thanks for the tip!

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