Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi - Every RollVegan sushi. Sounds off-putting, an oxymoron even, but you have to give Beyond Sushi a chance. 

I was even a little skeptical after checking out the website, but it’s not until you put that first roll in your mouth do you realize this is a whole new world.

Using only the freshest,most unexpected ingredients, there wasn’t a single roll I didn’t enjoy. Glor, Candice, Ginji and I ordered one of every roll.

The flavors are as bold as they look, each creation paired with a dollop of special sauce created to complement the roll they’re paired with.

My favorite was, surprisingly, the mighty mushroom: an inside-out xix-grain rice with enoki, tofu , shiitake and micro arugula. The description doesn’t do it justice, but the mushroom flavor comes at the very end, and is so aromatic and subtle, anything but what you think a vegan dish will taste like.

The roll of the month in August was also bursting with flavor. Rolled in a black rice with braised fennel, it was packed with sun-dried tomatoes and avocado, topped with a puree of roasted butternut squash. 

Roll are priced around $7 a pop. You’ll walk away feeling full, re-energized and without any regret. 


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