Out of Town: White House Submarines in Atlantic City, NJ

White House SubsIt’s easy to eat at the casino restaurants when in Atlantic City. But if you have a ride, take a quick trip into the inner city (during the day) and take down a few White House subs.

White House Subs - ItalianThe family-run business has attracted quite the daily turnout through the years, but has stuck to its jam-packed, made-to-order way of creating sandwiches. There’s a small seating area, but we’ve made it a thing to pick up a sandwich or two on our way out of town. And it doesn’t matter if Jay ends the weekend up or down, because this place is light on the wallet.

White House - Italian SubFor $6.75, a “half” size classic Italian sub is more than a foot long, and they’re not stingy on the meats either. But what makes this particular sub so good is the oil and vinegar dressing and oregano they sprinkle on top like you’d do on a pizza.

White House - Cheese SteakOr for $8.10, you get a foot long-plus hot cheese steak sandwich, complete with melted American cheese, tomatoes, onions and loaded up with thin slices of steak.

Between the two, I’d go with the classic Italian here, though both are great and major bangs for the buck–bucks that are surely much more wisely spent here than any slot machine.




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