RedFarm - Pac Man DumplingsPaying up for Chinese food always wrenches the gut.

But while RedFarm is no Chinatown, it knows how to play to its strengths.

The Chinese inspiration is obvious at the West Village eatery, but it wraps in the very American farm-to-table concept. Fresh input yields fresh output, and that’s what you’re paying for here.

The long-life noodles is perhaps the best apples to apples comparison. There’s attention here to contain the greasiness, but you’re still left with the bold flavors so representative of Chinese cuisine topped with fresh, crunchy peapods that gives this dish its own spin.

They’re proud of their soup dumplings here too. Again, the pork is firm, fresh, lean. That inherently means less of that greasy soup that makes soup dumplings so good, but this is a health-conscious alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the flavors.

One of my favorites we their sauteed “fresh local corn” topped with basil, lemongrass and red onion. It’s simple, but real quality.

RedFarm RedFarm - Long Life Noodles RedFarm - Soup Dumplings RedFarm - Fresh Corn RedFarm Lamb Chop

RedFarm has a sense of humor too. Their pac man dumplings, so widely photographed, is a play on food. Each dim-sum shrimp dumpling contains a different ingredient represented by each color. Blue, for crab, was my favorite. Pac man himself was a croquette propped up in guacamole.

It’s nice to see farm to table cross into cuisines beyond traditional American. Chinese food tends to end with a bit of guilt, but RedFarm takes that out of the equation.


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