Out of Town: Addiction Aquatic Development in Taipei, Taiwan

Addiction Aquatic DevelopmentThis is seafood heaven if I’ve ever seen one.

Addiction Aquatic Development is a seafood marketplace in Taipei,  boasting a spectacular showcase of tankfuls of beautiful crustaceans and an eye-popping display of luscious sushi.

Addiction Aquatic Development RestaurantThey have clams, crabs, lobster, scallops, uni, all types of fish, all assortments of sashimi. Best of all, they’re delivered in unrivaled quality at very un-New York prices. As the latest brainchild of the Mitsui Group, the mega conglomerate behind some of the hippest Japanese restaurants in town, Addiction Aquatic is a sweeping breath of fresh air amid the business Taipei streets that combines trendiness and serious fooding.

The beauty of Addiction Aquatic is its carefree atmosphere, allowing you to stroll along the live tanks or browse the a la carte isles. The setting lets you dine however you want as well, whether you want to pick out whole crabs or a bag of clams to take home, or purchase pre-portioned trays of sushi or broiled crab, or wait in line for one of the restaurants.

Addiction Aquatic Development Storefront Addiction Aquatic Development clams Addiction Aquatic Development crabs Addiction Aquatic Development fish Addiction Aquatic Development oysters

Tina took us there, and I managed to find time to go again. Both times we got uni, a tray of 10 buttery slabs of sea urchin for a whopping 12 bucks. They’re plump unlike any you’ll find in New York. Speaking of plump, the scallops here put what we find at home to shame.

Addiction Aquatic Development Uni

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Just make sure you put this near the top of your list of culinary pit stops if you’re ever in town.

Addiction Aquatic Development Crab Addiction Aquatic Development scallops Addiction Aquatic Development grill Addiction Aquatic Development kabobs Addiction Aquatic Development a la carte Addiction Aquatic Development Fish heads

Addiction Aquatic Development salmon



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