Sushi Katsuei

Total Bill: About $100 per person

Sushi Katsuei - Omakase

There is life outside Manhattan when it comes to top-notch sushi, and I learned that this past weekend at Candice’s birthday at Katsuei in Park Slope.

This is serious high-quality sushi without Manhattan prices. So if you want to save a pretty penny, the trek might be worth it. Better yet, if you’re already in Brooklyn, this is a must try. It’s borderline on par with the likes of Sushi Yasuda — clean, fresh, straightforward sushi that lets its quality speak for itself.

Sushi Katsuei - Sushi and Sashimi Omakase

You can see the quality visually, in the fat that lines the toro, the buoyancy of the uni. You can taste the quality, in the buttery-ness of each bite of yellowtail, the crunch that only the freshest of salmon can produce.

For $65, you can get the sushi and sashimi omasake. They’re like Sasabune in that they recommend soy sauce with some pieces and not for others, underscoring how methodically they wish for you to experience what they serve.

Sushi Katsuei

The first dish presented is a trio of deep sea tuna, pair of yellowtail, monkfish liver pate and one enormous raw oyster with a bit of ponzu sauce.

Then comes a variety of sashimi slices, barely seasoned, resting on top of fluffy rice, which is an essential part of any bona fide sushi experience. Uni sea urchin is part of the package and it’s as luscious here as how you can find it in the city.

You end with a simple tuna roll, traditional for omasakes.

The experience puts some of the egregiously priced sushi in Manhattan to shame, though at the end of the day, I guess location wins the game. Now, if they’d only open something like this in Hoboken.


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