ABC Kitchen: Revisited

ABC Kitchen - Apple SorbetMuch like its ABC Home-furnished decor, the desserts at ABC Kitchen offer this warm, fuzzy feeling.

Look no further than the green apple sorbet — soft harlequin green scoops with just a pinch of sour and no more sweetness than what you’d get from a Granny apple. Served on antique plates from the home store, the sorbet is like eating a creamy version of one of those fresh, crispy apples.

They have a whole variety of flavors too if you’re looking for a stronger flavor, like coconut grape, lemon verbena and chocolate mint.

There’s also salted caramel. But if you go that route, why not get the sundae.

ABC Kitchen - Salted Caramel Sundae

The salted caramel sundae comes with chocolate sauce, candied peanut, popcorn and whipped cream. Popcorn. You guys know my affinity for popcorn-incorporated sweets. But this one is up there because you get salt not just from the popcorn but the caramel ice cream as well.

The popcorn isn’t just sprinkled on top either. There’s plenty embedded within the ice cream and chocolate fudge base, somehow staying crunchy.

Manhattan isn’t short on dessert bars, but sometimes, the right setting and right mix of selections can make a restaurant just as appropriate a place to stop in for a drink and something sweet. The cocktail list here is just as thoughtful (I had a blood orange mimosa – but I would have tried the elderflower mint cool and strawberry royale too if I had the tolerance).


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