The NoMad

Total Bill: $110 for two

The NoMad - Crab Eggs BenedictA post-Thanksgiving catch-up with Anny brought us to The NoMad Hotel for brunch.

Burrowed behind the gothic arches and shadowy corridors, a glassed roof allows a warm glow to descend on the namesake restaurant.

There’s a steely yet cozy air about the brunch atrium, some there for the food, others being guests of the hotel there to enjoy a coffee. The staff was friendly and casual, adding to the laid back pace that made brunch service feel more like a parlor where you relax with your Sunday morning paper than a full-fledged restaurant.

The NoMad - Latte

It’s very European in that sense. And the way it’s tucked away amid the Flatiron bustle makes it seem like a quiet getaway where it’s perfectly sensible to go there solo to enjoy a meal and a book.

But on to the food. Anyone who knows me knows I appreciate the art of the runny egg, and it’s been some time since I’ve seen eggs poached liked this. I didn’t even have to request it. The eggs on my crab eggs benedict oozed off the toasted english muffins, soft, translucent, lightly flavored.

The NoMad - Chicken Sandwich

Adding to that display of skill, a cloud of hollandaise blanketed the eggs, more like foam than the typical heavy cream. The lumps of crab were tremendously juicy, barely seasoned so that the overall dish is really light and fresh.

Anny had their chicken sandwich. Sounds simple, but it’s probably the one dish that filled the room with a truffle aroma. On a soft brioche, with black truffle and foie gras, it looked like one of the more popular dishes, showing up on many tables.

I don’t like revisiting brunch spots, but this one may be a keeper.


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