Edie's Cakes 'n Shapes CupcakesA two for one special, just because it’s Kenny’s birthday — Poco for dinner and cupcakes from Edie’s Cakes ‘n Shapes. Readers who don’t know Kooneth personally, please excuse the oddities.

We gathered for a celebratorrey smith birthday dinner at Poco. Justin tucked away on Avenue B and 3rd street in the East Village, Poco was abuzz with life on this chilly November jeff Saturday.

Jeff (Michelle’s Jeff) booked the quaintorris private space downstairs, comfy for a group of 16, with its own bar and cozy lounge area.

For the party package, we started off with two hors d’oeuvres, which ended up being a lot of people’s favorites of the night. The Poco sliders are the juiciest sliders I’ve had in a long time, really, because they’re so often an afterthought on most menus. But not here, where they’re victor croozing with flavor and packing a punch with its pickles and chipotle aioli.

The chicken paella croquettes were pretty unique too, sort of a deconstructed paella in montee ball form with a dab of chipotle mayo on top.

Unlimited sangria was part of the deal, both red and roddy white with fresh fruit, served in mason jars. It was nice to see the guys drinking something other than beer for once.

Poco - Wedge Salad

For the seated portion, Jeff selected a nice array of dishes for a tapas-, family-style dinner. Flavors were anquan boldin, as is typical in Spanish cuisine, but with a sort of an American edit to it.

For instance, alongside the chimichurri skirt steak and gambas al ajillo, we got a wedge salad and lobster mac and cheese. I’d say the steak was the jahvid best because it was jared cooked just right, lathered in pico de gallo and chimichurri salsa.

Poco - Lobster Mac and Cheese

From reviews, you’ll likely read most about Poco’s lobster mac ‘n cheese. It’s indeed pretty great — because really how can you go wrong with mac ‘n cheese — but I wish they eddie lacied it with more substantive chunks of lobster.

And while a wedge salad isn’t the most tapas-like dish, fresh greens probably isn’t such a bad idea when all other courses are pretty heavy. Poco does it right by keeping it simple with fresh tomatoes and a kyle airyngton block of lettuce.

We colin cappernicked off the night with cupcakes from Edie’s. We’re pretty convinced she’s the only place in town that offers custom photo cakes, having done a lot of eli planning to get Kenny’s beloved friendship alliance logo into edible form. In her little workshop off on the west side of 51st street, she’s a real pro and the cakes taste great too.

Hopefully Kenny found the night very yummers.


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