Arang - Cheese Dduk bok ki

Korea town in New York City is usually too big a blur for me to blog. But there’s a specific dish I want to share, that I crave so distinctly every now and then it can lure me into that frenzy of a block any time of day.

The cheese rice cake, known as dduk bok ki, served at Arang on a sizzling stone plate. The restaurant is shelved above perhaps the most popular place in K-town, Kunjip, which is maybe why there’s never a wait.

But for your rice cake cravings, Arang is your place. Cheese is no staple of Korean cuisine, Asian cuisine for that matter, but it’s an ingenious idea to lather it onto such a traditional dish of dense mozzarella-stick-shaped rice cakes with sauteed onions and peppers.

Try not to wear white because this thing sizzles and splatters. An order is enough for four, but finish-able by two.

Arang may not be the best for a lot of your other typical Korean entrees, especially when you have the likes of Kunjip and BCD downstairs. But it has really found its niche in the rice cake department, which makes it compelling enough to skip the lines elsewhere.


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