Natsumi Restaurant

Total Bill: $120 for two

Natsumi Restaurant - Tuna Martini

Mark this under one we’d like to forget. And don’t talk to Jay about this because he was grumpier after the meal than before it.

Natsumi’s location sets it off wrong. buried in an odd block on the periphery of Times Square Manhattan. The scene screams fusion, which should tell you right off the bat that it’s more about the looks than serious sushi.

You might be tempted to try the green tea cocktails, but they’re basically sweeter versions of their original form. Traces of green tea are subtle, but worse, artificial.

Natsumi Restaurant - SushiNatsumi Restaurant - Green Tea MojitoNatsumi Restaurant - Green Tea Ravioli

We also tried the lobster green tea raviolis in a shallow slough of lobster bisque. The skin is leathery, like it’s been thawed after being frozen. The portion is paltry, like a dish feigning delicacy.

The tuna tartar martini sort of compensates, though too steep at $12.50. One part tuna, and most of the rest a tangy mango and basil.

Sushi a la carte here is unnecessarily pricey too at about $4.00 a piece. They’re not particularly fresh or uniquely prepared, which doesn’t bode well for them on an island full of Japanese cuisine.

Point is, a trendy vibe turns tacky when the food doesn’t back it up. You can get much better bang for your buck, or simply a much better dining experience, elsewhere.


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