Amanda’s in Hoboken

Amanda's in Hoboken - Fried Egg and Prosciutto

Amanda’s is a local favorite set in a cozily restored brownstone. You’ll see it bustling with baby showers and birthdays on the weekends, which reminds me of The House located on Irving Street in Manhattan. There’s a homey touch to everything they do, from the clientele they’ve built up over their two decades in Hoboken, to the way they prepare and plate their food.

Amanda's in Hoboken - PolentaAmanda's Hoboken - Eggs BenedictThey don’t take themselves too seriously, but this isn’t to say things aren’t professionally cooked. It’s the imperfections that give this place its charm.

The creamy polenta, for instance, was ladled into a bowl and topped with raisin compote–my favorite dish. It really embodies Amanda’s in its clean, simple flavors that’s at the same time really bold and precise.

Same went for the my crispy eggs, so delicately made, obviously requiring a lot of care. It was lathered in a parmesan fonduta, which was a bit bland for my taste, on top of prosciutto, asparagus and shiitake mushrooms. Jay’s eggs benedict was a bit more traditional, but also nicely poached.

As a whole, brunching at Amanada’s is a well-rounded, fuller experience than anywhere else I’ve been in Hoboken. But solely based on the food, Anthony David’s just takes it to another level.


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