Total Bill: $150 for three

Khe-yo Whole FishOne of the most original dinners I’ve had in months, and who better to share it with than an old high school friend from way back in the AZ days.

It’s been over a decade, but of the options I gave him, his choice of Khe-yo shows how his taste for adventure and things outside the box hasn’t changed one bit.

That’s what you’ll get at Khe-yo, where they encourage you to eat with your hands. It’s Laotian food, a specific subset of what many unfortunately lump under Thai. But it fully deserves a category of its own.

Khe-yo Sticky Rice

The sticky rice, which they constantly replenish, is a staple and dangerously delicious for anyone who knows now to appreciate a lovingly cooked bowl of rice with a simple drizzle of spicy sauce.

We shared the lemongrass berkshire spare ribs. Such a deep intense flavor that’s really too complex to describe. We paired it with a salad, or laap, that was somehow both refreshingly light and bold in taste.

Of course we had to try the whole grilled black bass. You’ll see traces of this dish across most of the tables in the restaurant, picked clean to the core. The fish itself is barely seasoned, letting out its natural flavors, but of course offered with a traditional tamarind peanut sauce that you’ll want to lather on everything.

Khe-yo Cranberry Rice PuddingThe dessert we capped the meal with put an exclamation point on the whole experience. A light rice pudding with cranberry and granola. It’s just the right amount of sweetness that rounds out what you’ve just eaten, but doesn’t overpower it.

There’s such a beauty to the quality of Khe-Yo’s small-but-very-thoughtful menu. I’ve heard critiques about its limited selection, but having experienced it, I’d tell you the intensity and uniqueness of what they do offer can get muddied if you order more than necessary. Pick out a few and just keep going back.


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