Laconda Verde

Laconda Verde - Beef TartareAh, my old Citi stomping grounds.

Laconda Verde has grown into a local favorite and tourist magnet, good for their business, but less so for anyone who just wants to swing by. That said, it’s worth the trouble because despite its mainstream appeal, the food is anything but conforming.

Such was the case when mom and Tina were in town. We caught a table right before their dinner rush.

Laconda Verde fishLaconda Verde pastaI had the steak tartare, one of my favorite dishes of all time and not one you can just find at any Italian restaurant in New York. Minced just enough to give it that sushi-like texture with an easy-over egg and side of toast points, I always find it be the perfect antipasta. To be fair, it’s a dish that’s tough to screw up, and with limited upside for how creative you can get with it. But for the raw beef lover, they do it right here.

TIna has the pappardelle. Portion on the smaller side, but a true testament to its Italian origins. The pasta was firm and plump, ragu sauce bold.

Laconda’s a standout in the De Niro-run district, far surpassing its neighboring Tribeca Grill, The Harrison, and dare I say, Nobu.


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