Sushiden Omasake

Sushiden lands in the middle of Manhattan’s sushi spectrum in my book, with an A for effort in its attempt to stay true to the simplicity of Japanese cuisine but a fail on its part to put its own touch to the very commoditized business of serving slices of raw fish.

While it’s impressive they’ve managed to stay away from becoming entirely gimmicky in its Midtown corporate surrounding, it’s missing a sort of spark that’s present in the likes of Jewel Bako or Yasuda that elevate them to best in class.

Sushiden Omasake box

We got the bento box omasake with fatty tuna. Sashimi came on one side. Fresh, yes, but anything beyond that, not really. The other side came with tomago and unagi over a bed of rice, overall a quirky blend of saline sweetness. And I tend not to complain about things like this, but finding a strand of hair in my miso soup didn’t really help the experience.


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