Ippudo West Side

About $16 with some toppings

Ippudo Westside ramen

It’s about time. The perennial line that forms outside the Ippudo in the East Village can finally be somewhat diluted by the long awaited opening of a second location. Ippudo Westside, as of mid-July is still building toward a full menu, but a couple of us ramen enthusiasts went for it anyway.

We found out the hard way for Glor that the vegetarian-based broths still aren’t available, though there are still a handful of menu items for veggie-only eaters. Still, it’s all about the ramens at Ippudo, and there are three bases available with the key toppings as add-ons. Always add the soft boiled eggs!

To our pleasant surprise, there was no wait. The cocktail menu was brilliant, incorporating everything from earl grey infused vodkas to sparkling sakes.

Westside has already climbed to the top of Grub Street’s power ranking, making it the coolest place to be eating the hottest type of meal amid this summer heat wave.


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