InakayaMom’s in town! And it’s always a Japanese food whirlwind when she’s here!

First stop was short and simple at Inakaya right by Port Authority.

Not the best for sushi, but that’s not what it boasts anyway. Stick to the grilled fish and array of yakitori. You’ll get a superficial taste of Japan, perhaps a bit borderline gimmicky. Your meal will be interrupted by occasional “interactive” activities, from Japanese chants to mashing of mochi dough as Jay did.

But staff is extremely friendly and it is something different in the sushi-oriented Manhattan’s Japan.

Inakaya HalibutInakaya Miso CodInakaya Sushi

Skewers are pretty flavorful, both vegetables and chicken. The grilled fish are on the dry side though and require some concentration to eat because it’s pretty delicate and crumbles easily. Miso cod is a bit salty too, so I’d definitely recommend heading downtown to Nobu for this instead.

I had high hopes for this place given how it’s right next to Port Authority. Unfortunately, it falls under the Times Square curse by being a bit touristy, hoping tidbits of showmanship will mask its mediocre food.


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