Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar

Total Bill: $220 for two

Cull + Pistol - Whole Lobster

For our 2nd engagement anniversary, Jay and I visited Cull & Pistol in the Chelsea Market for their opening night of dinner service. Staff was super friendly and oyster selection pretty wide-ranging.

But Lobster’s the natural selection here as it’s the restaurant offshoot of the Lobster Place right next door. Steamed or grilled, they serve it plain and simple just as quality seafood should be. I’d recommend getting one to share, so you can vary up the flavors at your table a little more with fish or scallops.

Cull + Pistol - Baked LobsterCull & Pistol - Oyster VarietyCull & Pistol - Dupont Reserve

The surprise takeaway, however, was the Dupont Reserve cider from France that we both fell in love with.  Hints of pineapple with the apple, and super light but sweet. It’s wonderful with the lobster with the light spritz, and something I’ll be looking for at all my seafood meals in the future.

I hope this place sticks around because it only makes sense that the Lobster Place offers a formal dining area to allow visitors to enjoy all they offer. It’s a nice piece to the puzzle that gives Chelsea Market yet another selling point.


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